Press Release Editorial Guidelines

At Bhmarketer, we're committed to delivering diverse news, spanning from commercial updates to healthcare announcements. Our primary aim is to work closely with each client, ensuring their digital press releases make a lasting impact. However, to maintain integrity and credibility, we've set clear editorial guidelines.

Title and Summary

Make headlines concise (8–17 words), aiming for brevity for better impact, especially for the Bloomberg + Yahoo package (under 110 characters).

Use active verbs for engaging headlines.
Ensure the headlines precisely reflect the content.
Avoid special characters.
Create interesting, relevant, and current headlines.
Summarize clearly in 40 words or fewer.
Acceptable Press Release Format

A newsworthy corporate announcement is vital.
Avoid including investment opinions.
Keep releases between 300 and 1500 words.
Maintain objectivity by avoiding conversational language.
Write in an announcement-style style, not promotional.
Exclude scripting languages for professional formatting.
Use authentic quotes accurately.
Incorporate videos and images judiciously.
Include relevant contact details.
Thoroughly proofread for errors.
Address XML issues promptly.
Adhering to these guidelines ensures quality, credible press releases.

Company Contact Details

Accurate contact details (Company Name, Contact Person’s Full Name, Company Website, Webmail ID, City, State, Country) are essential and must match the mentioned company.

Acceptable Content Criteria

At Bhmarketer, maintaining high standards for published content is fundamental. We accept press releases that meet these stringent criteria:

Substantive and Non-Promotional Content: Ensure your press release offers substantive information rather than promotional language. Avoid SPAM-related terms that might trigger filters, focusing instead on delivering informative content.

Non-Disputative Nature: We do not publish press releases centered around disputes or negative implications, as they may not align with our editorial focus.
Factually-Based Information: Our platform prioritizes factual information over opinion-only content. Submit news releases that provide newsworthy information supported by facts rather than personal viewpoints.

Original and Exclusive Content: Submissions must be original and exclusive to Bhmarketer. Content that has been replicated from other sources will not be considered for publication.

Adherence to Legal and Ethical Standards: We strictly adhere to legal and ethical standards. Content that promotes unlawful activities, financial products or services, explicit material, vengeful intentions, dating platforms, armament, pseudoscience, unlicensed alternative therapies, radical political or religious views, unauthorized stock symbols, gambling, drug use, and other similarly restricted topics will not be accepted.

Prohibited Content

At Bhmarketer, we maintain stringent guidelines prohibiting specific types of content:

Promotional or Sales-Oriented Material: Press releases that primarily aim to sell products or services using promotional language (e.g., “SALE, DO NOT MISS OUT, FREE, OPPORTUNITY”) will not be distributed.

Sexually explicit or illegal content: Any press releases containing explicit or illegal content will be strictly prohibited from publication.

Blog-Like Articles: Articles resembling non-newsworthy blog entries, general interest pieces, “open letters,” or similar content will not be approved for distribution.

Health Supplements and Sexual Enhancement Products: Press releases concerning health products or sexual enhancement medications will not be accepted.

Hazardous or Discrediting Content: Any content intending to harm individuals or groups or discredit their reputation will not be published.

Poorly Crafted or Written Content: Press releases that exhibit poor writing, logical inconsistencies, or are written from a first-person or second-person perspective will not be accepted for publication.

We prioritize providing our readers with credible, relevant, and high-quality news content that complies with legal, ethical, and professional standards. Reviewing these guidelines thoroughly will ensure compliance and enhance the likelihood of your submission being approved for distribution.

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