Editorial Guidelines

What is a Newsworthy PR?

A PR is an announcement of an important event in your business that will be occurring shortly or has already occurred in the recent past. Timeliness, relevance, and importance of an event to your readers make a newsworthy PR. The reader must get the gist of the PR through the headline and the summary.

Avoid Direct Address

The PR must be written in a strictly professional language. Superlatives, jargon, hype, or exclamatory words must be avoided. The use of direct address does not fit in the format of a good PR, and it must be restricted only to quotations from the company or official representative.

The Right Length

The suggested length is 450 to 800 words. A PR less than 450 words will not get picked up by Google News. Your press release should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. If you use industry acronyms, consider including definitions so the average reader can understand your message. Mistakes can adversely affect the credibility of your organization.


When you post your release on the site, you can choose to display tagged keywords. These keywords are picked up by search engines and journalists’ RSS feeds. They can include your company’s name, the theme of the release, your industry or sector, or any other information that is relevant to the information being shared.

Embedded Links

You can embed HTML links, such as a video file/ website, in the main body of your PR. You can even add a link to an e-mail address, but it will not be protected by an anti-spam blocker, unlike the e-mail address provided under the built-in contacts tab.


It is the responsibility of the company to make sure the information used in the PR is accurate and current to substantiate any professional claims. All PRs referencing legal action or criminal matters must be backed by appropriate documents duly referenced and attested by appropriate authorities.

Valid Contact Info

All releases submitted for distribution should include a valid phone number and e-mail address in the contacts tab.


The headline should sum up the release purpose and must be short and to the point. Words in the headline should not be capitalized apart from the first alphabet and any names, brands, or other proper nouns.

A short summary of 250 characters at maximum must follow the headline and must not have any links. It must include your company’s name and keywords to be found on search engines. The first paragraph may be the only part of your release that some people read, so it needs to state your identity and highlight the announcement.

Must Meet Overall Policies

PRs should not promote a business model or practice that is deemed as unacceptable or is not in accordance with AB Newswire’s overall marketing and business policies. The decision whether a PR meets the accepted industry standards will be taken at the sole discretion of our experts.

No Spam

Using spam phrases is not allowed in PRs. Please don’t use common advertisement and promotional words and phrases like ‘Click here’ or ‘Great business opportunity’ and the likes. Avoid using exclamation marks and caps on specific words with an intent to promote your products and/ or services.

No Content that Intends to Harm

PRs must not contain any content that is intended to harm the reputation of an individual, group, or company. The tone and tenor of the content must not incite, promote, or express hatred and must steer clear of bigotry, racism, or unjustified violence. The releases must not include “hate speech”, be it directed at an individual or a group, depending upon the membership within some classes, which include but are not limited to, language, religious affiliation, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or sex.

We Do Not Allow Distribution Of Press Releases With The Following Content:

(a) alleges illegal or unethical behavior on the part of another party,
(b) alleges breach of contract on the part of another party, or otherwise threatens any party with litigation, or
(c) makes false or misleading claims regarding the identified sponsor or any third party or the products or services of the identified sponsor of any third party.

•   Marijuana/cannabis
•   Buying or Selling or initial coin offering (ICO) or trading of Crypto Currency or Coins or tokens related content is not allowed only blockchain technology base content is allowed.
•   Politics  
•   Explosives  
•   Guns  
•   Weapons
•   Alcohol  
•   Illicit Drugs  
•   Tobacco  
•   Cosmetic procedures and body modification  
•   Dating  
•   Adult and Sex  
•   Sexual reproductive
•   Music video/audio, podcast, etc. with parental advisory/explicit content warning label
•   Pseudo-Religious articles, trinkets (amulets, bands, bracelets, charms, magic, etc.)
•   Obscenities, vulgarity and abusive language

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